Creatures and Beasts of Na’Saga


Land Drakes – There are many different kinds of Land dragons, but they are mostly all classified into two types:

Hostile – These dragons do not possess the ability to speak, and will usually attack travelers and other land based creatures on sight. They usually make their homes in caves or thick forestry near water, and some have even be known to be amphibious. Most “Hostile” land dragons, or “Drakes” as they are more commonly called, Have a black or Dark greenish hide, to match their surroundings. But it is said that a land drakes skin will change color to adapt to it’s environment. A Hostile land drakes size can vary from as small as a horse, or as big as a large Caravan.

Intelligent – Intelligent, or “Smart Drakes”, are land dragons that possess the ability to learn and speak in any language they choose. Smart Drakes tend to keep to themselves, but have been known the communicate with smaller communities, often offering them protection from Hostile drakes in exchange for riches. Smart Drakes are generally bigger than Hostile drakes, and their colors are usually more vibrant, as they have nothing to hide from. Smart drakes have an unusual infatuation with Gold and silver, and it is said that a land drakes standing among other drakes depends on the size of it’s hoard. Nobody knows where smart drakes make their homes. It is also said that, like all Dragons capable of flight, smart drakes also possess the ability to use Magic.


He is so fat, he can’t fit on all three Na’Saga islands


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