Mehethiel Graduates

Blood Slayers
– Blood Wizards
– Knight Slayers

Grey Monks

Dusk Walkers


Spearmen of Stonelack


“The Infinite Eight”
- A group of mercenaries and bandits scattered through out the Island of Gavaties. Though they are usually spread out, when they do organize, they are a large force capable of great destruction. They are recognized by an “eight over eight” mark branded on their right forearms.

Paladins Of Vage-Forge
-There are two different types of Paladins in Vage-Forge. Frost Paladins, who are the personal guard to the Royal Family and act in the name of the King, and Flame Paladins, who act as the City guard, and Act on behalf of the Duchess of Vage-Forge.
(Appearance: heavy white armor, with Blue or Red trimming, depending upon the Paladins Element)

Knights Of Altain
The Knights Of Altain are and elite sect of soldiers within the Altainian army that act as the Royal Guard. Unknown to most, The Knights also act in secret as assassins, or recon teams. The dress in Black and Red armor; The colors of the royal family. Every Knight Of Altain carries a 9 inch knife with a silver letter “A” engraved in the handle, which is earned upon entry. No one knows how to become a knight of Altain.


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