Time of Creation

Time of Creation

Common Knowledge- The actual truths of this time of the world of Nasag are not known to anyone, other than the Gods and Daemons. The only thing known by the beings of Na’Saga are the elves, they knowledge of how they came to be.

The Truth – First came the Gods. NaSaga was an empty world that was ruled by nothing. Nasaga’s magic was wild and one day formed a Deity, and being of power. His name was Xanos. He walked the world alone, wandering for a purpose. To give his world a purpose, he was overwhelmed by the many task that had to be kept in order to sustain lifeforms to worship his power, so to give his world purpose, he needed the help of another. From there, from the same magic and cosmos he came from, he crafted 12 companions and gave them powers and tasks to help him grow his world. There he could focus on observing and ordering his companions to form the world as he saw fit.

’ The Elves ’

The Elves were the first lifeforms on the World on Nasaga, though they did not just appear. They came from other forms. As the Gods walked the world, they left remnants of magic in their wake, this magic soon fused with aspects of the elemental world. High Elves came from the sky, in forms of Cloud and whirlwind forms. The Dark Elves came from the shadows in the form of wisps, these wisps were formed for trickles of light which had been engulfed by the darkness and escaped. The Wood Elves came from from the earth, in forms of walking trees. Xanos intrigue by these life forms over the years wanted to see the three interact, but something happened he did not intend. When the three forms touched, they formed into beings similar to the form of Gaia, the God of Life. Soon many of these first lifeforms started combine so more and more sentient beings were created to create a large population.

’ Humans ’

The Elves had roamed the land for melania though Xanos’s jealousy had not diminished. He wanted beings of his own form. Over the years that the Elves roamed the world, the Gods of Beasts and Life filled the land with creatures and plant life. Xanos, who did not possess the power to create mortal life, instead modified the creatures already there to try to take his form. After trial and error, he found a creature that suited his needs and created the Humans. Due to Xanos’s influence, the Humans were more subsetable to jealousy, anger and confidence due to Xanos’s emotions when creating the beings.

’ Felanians and Tupins ’ The two races were created with little influence from the gods. The Felanians originated from Savannah creatures that had dominated and evolved past their fellow animal kingdom. The Tupins, however, originated from the swamp creatures.

’ The Dwarves ’

The God of Light and Darkness and the God of Souls, had fallen in love. To hide their tie together from the others, they would meet in the deep caverns of the World. After hundreds of years these secret meetings, their magical residue fallen in-between the cracks of the stone and formed humanoid creatures. Once the creatures found the light of the sun, they slowly evolved over time to look similar to the humans yet smaller and more stout. Some dwarves still look like stone occasionally.

’ Dragons ’

The Dragons are a peculiar story, They also had came from creatures similar from the Tupins. These creatures lived closed to high density pools of Magic from the Gods wake. Ironically, the origins of these powerful creatures came from reptiles clumsily falling into these forbidden pools

’ Giants ’

Giants originally came from Dwarves who also found the mana pools and had either fallen in, or soon after decided to jump in after the effects that occurred. These creatures at the time rivaled the Gods. However, the Dragons had not used their power for pure dominance over the other races. The Gods who still walked the land, worried of possible conflict with this race, stripped them of their magical power, yet they retained their enormous form.

Time of Creation

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